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Video Production

All through his career, Selay has been driven by the intense belief that filmmaking offers a huge opportunity to create awareness and touch people’s lives. He has (co)produced about a dozen heartbreaking and impactful documentaries, some of which have won international prizes & awards.


The short version of his documentary 'First taste of chocolate in Ivory Coast' ( has earned about 9 million views on the internet. His documentary 'Save Mom also in Africa', which addresses the problems around women maternity/delivery in developing countries is -Winner of "Best Short Documentary" at London Independent Film Awards -January 2017; Winner of "Best Short Documentary" at IndieFEST Film Awards January 2017 (USA), with official selections at Sydney World Film Festival, Barcelona Planet Film Festival, and "Best of Show" at Docs Without Boarders Film Festival, spring 2017 (USA). See trailer here:


‘‘Documentaries have the power to open people's minds, to inspire/educate them about unknown topics and help guide their future thoughts and actions,’’ Selay often says.

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