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Selay provides (one-on-one and group) practical trainings on self-defense and combat techniques. He also conducts workshops on historical and theoretical underpinnings of these techniques. Although many attendees of workshops run by Selay are engaged in martial arts for sport and recreation, courses designed by Selay provide them with valuable self-defense techniques.


As a certified First Aider with a valid CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) certificate, Selay offers a series of courses that present the skills required to provide first aid emergency response, life support, and management of casualties. These courses present top-notch medical skills to face a wide range of emergencies - from sprained ankles to broken bones, from heat stroke to cardiac arrest, and more.


A volunteer with the Cocody Red Cross Committee, Selay often gives presentations and hands-on demonstrations to companies and to the public to help them promote safety, to manage life-threatening emergencies and keep safe until qualified medical help arrives.

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